Word on the Street: 24/7 Driver Q&A

Our team at 24/7 Express Logistics is the heartbeat of our success. From the office to warehouse, dispatch and drivers, every person plays a critical role in delivering on our promise of providing the best, most reliable service possible to our customers. As a local, family-owned business, we believe it is important to know everyone we work with and understanding their needs to help them achieve their career goals. This includes taking time to gather their input. Here’s some feedback from one of our 24/7 Express Logistics drivers, Brian S.

How many years have you worked for 24/7 Express Logistics? 

Over 3 years.


What is your favorite thing about driving for 24/7 Express Logistics? 

The freedom to work on your own, with dispatch just a call away.


How would you describe the team you work with at 24/7 Express Logistics? 

It’s a very good team.


What are the top 3 perks of your job? 

  • You have your own truck.
  • You get to go home every night.
  • Really flexible work schedule. They will work around schedules to accommodate driver’s needs. 


What would you tell another driver about 24/7 Express Logistics? 

If you want a job with variety and that doesn’t take advantage of you, 24/7 is the place to be.


If you or someone you know is looking for opportunities with a locally owned company that cares, 24/7 Express Logistics is hiring! Visit https://247expresslogistics.com/careers/ to see open positions and apply today.


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