Dealing with Supply Chain Disruptions

We’ve all seen our fair share of supply chain disruptions, especially over the past couple of years. At 24/7 Express Logistics, we are accustomed to finding creative solutions to help customers manage challenges by leveraging our strategic Midwest hubs in St. Louis and Kansas City. 

What are the biggest disruption drivers?

A reported 85% of organizations have experienced at least one occurrence of a critical supply chain disruption, according to a recent study by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI). In the study, businesses reported the following as major factors that drive disruption:

  1. Weather  – 50% named adverse weather conditions as their primary disrupter
  2. Tech Outages – 40% attributed disruptions to unplanned IT/telecom outages
  3. HR Issues – 16% said loss of talent or skills drive disruption
  4. Production Quality – 15% point to incidents with product quality as a disruption
  5. Civil Unrest – 10% reported social conflicts as a major disruption factor
  6. Cyber Attacks – 8% attributed disruption to criminal systems attacks

The majority of supply chain disruptions are beyond your control as a business manager. So how do you best manage your risk? One of the single most important steps you can take is to ensure you have solid logistics partners in place. Building relationships with supply chain partners and 3PLs, like 24/7 Express Logistics, who can react quickly, have the capacity to scale and are experienced in developing creative solutions, can help you minimize the impact of disruptions. 

Be ready for your next challenge. Give our team at 24/7 Express Logistics a call to discuss options for optimizing your supply chain and be ready for the road ahead. Email us at sales@24/, call 866.866.2477 or visit

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