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Complete Management

24/7 Express Logistics raises the bar for delivering excellence when it comes to Dedicated Courier and Freight Services. When you partner with 24/7, you can count on:

Dedicated or Exclusive Use Services

Outsource your daily dedicated service needs. Exclusive use driver and truck provided for a day, week or longer. 24/7 Express Logistics’ Dedicated Fleet Management Program eliminates the need for maintaining company vehicle, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs. Please contact us for your custom quote.



24/7 Express Logistics can provide complete management of your private dedicated fleet or provide drivers and vehicles to cover your business delivery and distribution needs on a scheduled or on-demand basis for those instances where your delivery employees are out or if you experience vehicle breakdowns. Please contact us for your custom quote.



Finding a partner for safe and reliable yard management can be a challenge. Put our 20+ years of logistics operations experience to work for you. With a professional team, the right equipment and the know-how to get it done, 24/7 Express Logistics can help you streamline your production and/or distribution yard operations. Contact us for your custom quote on 24/7’s Trailer Yard Management Services including: 

– Yard inventory tracking

– Spotting

– Shuttling within 100 air miles

– Trailer rental