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24/7 Express Logistics, Inc. provides reliable nationwide freight services for a variety of needs. We are able to utilize our many resources and expansive network of truckload carriers in order to fulfill any task that is put in front of us. Please contact us today to learn more or get your custom quote!

Partial Truckload (Volume LTL)

Our partners routinely provide daily information needed to select the proper carrier for a partial load that meets the criteria to provide a better rate than the traditional LTL carriers and without the need to purchase the entire truck reducing costs.

Please contact us for a special quote for anything over 4,000lbs and/or 8 feet of space as we routinely beat an LTL volume quote by placing order with a Truckload carrier that has the proper amount of space and can therefore consolidate and purchase the truck at a reduced rate than an LTL carriers in many cases.

Expedited Shipments

If your LTL or parcel shipment needs to be expedited or guaranteed service 24/7 Express Logistics has your solution. 24/7 Express Logistics offers a variety of options between traditional LTL, expedited truck and air freight allowing your shipment to not only get to its destination fast, but at the specific time you need it to arrive and at a competitive price.

When it has to be there fast, let 24/7 Express Logistics provide you with our expedited service expertise! Please contact us for your custom quote.


24/7 Express Logistics utilizes an extensive network of truckload carriers that enables us to have access to more equipment on a nationwide level. We attract loyal carriers by providing large freight volumes and prompt payment. We help you obtain the best truck for your shipment at the most cost-effective price.

Our operations team is capable of leveraging and managing contractual relationships across thousands of carriers but we have a core group of truckload carriers we meet with regularly to discuss their needs, identify where their lanes are imbalanced, and look for opportunities to balance them. As a result, we are able to provide greater levels of capacity and dependability in the toughest lanes and during peak shipping periods.

The 24/7 team also has a great deal more flexibility and is able to be more creative than any single truckload carrier.  If you need a truck, we are always here. 

Less-Than- Truckload (LTL)

Many manufacturers, retailers and other companies are relying on smaller shipments. 24/7 Express Logistics maintains a network of national, regional and local less-than-truckload carriers that support our daily operations. Through our core carriers we provide the best service for the best price.

Our combined LTL purchasing power allows us to effectively operate as a very large shipper and thus we are able to negotiate higher discount rates than a single small shipper could. As with all of our service capabilities, 24/7 Express Logistics, Inc. has the ability to act as a single provider for all your transportation needs – from a single shipment to an entire logistics management program.

Our resources are available to support your business needs no matter how unusual or seasonal. We optimize our resources to match your requirements.

The complexities of the LTL market allow our operational team to differentiate ourselves from the competition in terms of price, transportation options, and service.

Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal Transportation combines more than one mode of transportation service to deliver shipments. Typically this involves both rail and truck transportation. 24/7 Express Logistics has complete capabilities for volume commitments ranging from a single load to a large scale, ongoing integrated logistics solution.

Of all the transportation options that 24/7 Express Logistics provides, Intermodal service is typically the most cost-effective option but consequently has the longest transit times and greatest transit time variability. 24/7 Express Logistics does provide asset-based Expedited Intermodal service as another option. The more our operations team knows about your shipping patterns and forecasts the more we can integrate this option. Please contact us for your custom quote.

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