5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Shipping Partner

Whether the current supply chain crunch has you seeking a new provider or you’re managing a routine RFP process for transportation and logistics, finding the right partner for your company is critical. In our 20+ years as 24/7 Express Logistics, we’ve seen companies make some avoidable mistakes. By checking off some boxes in the selection process, you can avoid costly missteps and optimize your logistics productivity. 

Based on our experience at 24/7 Express Logistics, here are 5 things we recommend you consider when hiring a shipping and logistics provider:

  • Service & Support

Does the provider have a good track record when it comes to customer service? What is their customer satisfaction rate? Do they have testimonials they can share? These are important questions to ask in the process. Our industry is highly competitive and a strong commitment to customer service is key to ensuring your logistics operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Scalability

Changing providers frequently can be costly. Find a logistics partner who has the resources, capacity and service offering to scale with the ebb and flow of your business. Can they provide both on-demand and scheduled courier and freight services? How about warehousing, nationwide freight or dedicated fleet and yard management options? Ask questions to understand the full capabilities of any providers you are reviewing.

  • Cost Savings

Budget is always a consideration. Ideally, a new shipping provider will find ways to help you optimize your bottom line. While the pricing model is important, you should also take into account the solutions the provider offers and how both the pricing and solutions fit with your specific needs. Can their pricing and offering help you improve your delivery times and/or reduce or control the costs you pass on to your customers? Consider how the partnership can maximize your competitive advantage.

  • Access & Tracking

Whether B2B or B2C consumers demand information. Your shipping partner should provide access to tracking and delivery information. You should also have access to a customer portal where you can find information and manage your account easily.

  • Industry Experience

Working with an experienced logistics provider brings peace of mind. A seasoned company with longevity in the business has rolled with industry patterns, weathered economic ups and downs and faced other roadblocks along the way. Companies who have several years in the industry are accustomed to solving challenges and finding cost-effective solutions. Their experience will benefit you in the long run.


If you’re seeking a new logistics provider, or just want to review your options, let’s talk. Call 866-866-2477 or click here for a quote today.

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