24/7 Express Logistics Customer Q&A with Right Freight Solutions

Since we began 24/7 Express Logistics in 2001, we have been committed to delivering excellent service and custom solutions to all our customers. This includes our partnerships with other logistics providers. Right Freight Solutions is a valued customer for 24/7 Express Logistics. We have proudly worked with them to optimize logistics operations for retailers Spencers and Spirit Halloween stores in the Midwest and recently checked in with them about our service:

  1. What challenges, obstacles or needs were you facing that led you to seek the services/solutions provided by 24/7 Express Logistics?

Originally it was for a quality pool provider in the Midwest with decent coverage. With 24/7’s St Louis location, we have been able to creatively link a large portion of the Midwestern states along with agent support to expand this arena into one of the larger pool providers in the network.     

  1. Describe your selection process and what were the primary drivers leading to your choice of 24/7 Express Logistics?

Originally 24/7 was part of a group of sources. Over time 24/7 has dominated their market area to the point of exclusivity in their service areas. 

  1. What business process/function does your service from 24/7 Express Logistics enhance? 

When presented with issues and needs, Steve and his team are good at coming up with solutions. In particular, we needed them to continue to service their market area. By utilizing both KC and St Louis as breakpoints we were able to accomplish this. With the need to react to a very seasonal product, the ability to use multiple points and indoctrination points, we have actually expanded the service points previously serviced from one point.

  1. How would you describe your experience working with 24/7 Express Logistics?

Long-term, creative and consistent! 


To learn more about how 24/7 Express Logistics can help you improve your logistics processes and optimize performance, email sales@24expresslogistics.com or call 866.866.2477.

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