3PLs Relieving the Supply Chain Strain

Supply chains have been pushed to their limits over the past 18 months. Unprecedented ecommerce ordering, consumer demand for next-day and same-day deliveries and shortages resulting from pandemic shutdowns have impacted supply chains across varied industries worldwide. Many shippers and 3PLs (third-party logistics providers), like 24/7 Express Logistics are adapting and evolving to meet demands. By forming strategic partnerships, 3PLs are working together to expand services, optimize fleet resources and solve ever-present final mile delivery challenges.

Final mile logistics itself is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It is the consumer-facing side of the delivery business that is integral to the supply chain process. With online sales increasing 44% in 2020, streamlining the final mile step of the delivery process has become a priority for shippers and 3PLs competing against Amazon’s dominance in the market. 

Retail consumer goods is not the only segment of focus for these 3PLs. Heavy goods such as medical devices, exercise equipment and home office furniture were a significant portion of online sales over the past year. Medical laboratory and pharmaceutical deliveries also ramped up, as did industrial and B2B goods. Forward-thinking 3PLs like 24/7 Express Logistics are redefining processes and building partnerships to respond to these needs quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about the creative strategies 24/7 Express Logistics is putting into play and how they can build a custom solution for your business, call 866-866-2477 or click here for a quote today.


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