Miles of Opportunity: Big Earning Potential for Drivers who are Driven

Most of us have heard the familiar phrase “if you bought it, a truck brought it.” Freight truck drivers and couriers keep our national supply chain moving. An estimated 1.6 million drivers move 70% of the total freight in the United States. Naturally, when demand for product and rapid delivery of that product goes up, demand for drivers increases too. This opens the door for drivers who are driven to optimize their paychecks.

From 24/7 Express Logistics’ vantage point with strategic Midwest hubs in St. Louis and Kansas City, we have drivers earning 6-figure incomes. Earning potential ranges from $50,000 to beyond $100,000 for drivers who are willing to “take the wheel,” so to speak. The work is readily available, not to mention the added perks of flexible scheduling, working independently and the freedom of the road.

Earning this kind of money used to mean long, overnight hauls, but times have changed. Most drivers with 24/7 Express Logistics can knock out regional trips and be home the same day with the support of our skilled dispatch team. Many drivers enjoy higher mileage day trips, like Barry W., “I like driving the long distance, but still being home every night. I like the consistency with my route.” Driver Brian S. enjoys the independence, “[I like] the freedom to work on my own, with dispatch just a call away [as well as] the really flexible work schedule.”

Because 24/7 Express Logistics is a locally owned and operated company, we are able to offer more flexibility to our drivers. And because of our loyal customer base we’ve established over the past 20 years with top national, regional and local companies, we have a steady, reliable stream of work. 

For drivers who are driven and ready to earn more, 24/7 Express Logistics could be a great fit. We are actively seeking courier and freight drivers. Learn more here or get started now and apply online with our 30-second express application

For more about 24/7 Express Logistics, visit, email us at jobs@24/ or call 866.866.2477.

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