Life in the Fast Lane: The Ecommerce Evolution

E-commerce has grown to become a driving force in our economy, and as we’ve seen at 24/7 Express Logistics, it’s not slowing down anytime soon. This growth has propelled the logistics industry into new territory for adaptability and automation when it comes to the three primary factors behind this rapidly changing landscape.

  1. CONSUMERS – Online spending saw a surge in 2020. While the pandemic played a role, online shopping was already on the rise. Driven by convenience, the long-term forecast for growth in this behavior is strong. Shoppers have come to expect quick turns. The trend of two-day and same-day delivery are edging toward even shorter delivery windows measured within hours of the click to order.
  2. RETAILERS – While online shopping may be becoming the norm, brick and mortar still has a place. In fact, research shows over 50% of online shoppers tend to shop retailers who have both online and physical locations. Uniting the digital and physical experience will be the burden of savvy retailers. That may mean leveraging brick and mortar stores as fulfillment centers for online orders and creating fresh, creative, branded in-person retail experiences.
  3. SUPPLY CHAIN EFFICIENCIES – To meet the demand of consumers and remain profitable, retailers – and their logistics partners – must include automation in their supply chain solutions. From order processing to inventory optimization to fulfillment, implementing automated software and systems will help expedite delivery while improving the bottom line.

Logistics partners, like 24/7 Express Logistics, who have the resources and are well connected in major transportation hubs, will be critical in helping retailers meet consumers’ e-commerce demands. Flexibility and adaptability will give retailers and logistics providers a competitive edge in this ever-changing environment.

As a locally owned and operated company, 24/7 Express Logistics can flex to meet your needs and deliver custom logistics solutions. Visit, email us at sales@24/ or call 866.866.2477.

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