Making the Grade: 24/7 Express Logistics Customer Report Card

Report card time may spark anxiety for many of us. Back in the old days, we’d bring that envelope home crumpled in our backpacks. We’d hand it over with sweaty palms for our parent’s signature, our fate resting in the marks the teacher gave us. The process may have been stressful, but knowing where we were doing well – and where we needed improvement, shaped our success. The same goes for our service to customers at 24/7 Express Logistics. We recently conducted a customer survey to get our own service report card.

In the 24/7 Express Logistics customer survey, we asked a broad range of questions about overall satisfaction, service confidence, reliability, responsiveness, professionalism, communication, and driver interactions. We also opened up comments for suggestions, concerns, and recommendations for how we could improve. We’re pleased that so many of our customers took the time to complete the survey and provide valuable feedback. 

We’re thrilled to report our customers gave us an overall 96% customer satisfaction rating! We work hard to deliver top-notch service for all our customers from the first click or call through the final mile, and beyond. This validates our efforts, but also indicates we have some room for improvement to ensure the best service possible and maintain excellence.

A whopping 93% of current 24/7 Express Logistics customers indicated they are likely or very likely to recommend our services to a colleague. Nationally, the average number of customers willing to make a referral is 30%. This confidence in our logistics services means a lot to us, and we don’t take it for granted. 

Many customers took the opportunity to leave an open comment. We received terrific recommendations for a few process improvements and insights from the customer perspective. We are acting on this feedback to enhance the 24/7 customer experience.

Communication is a key component to excellent customer service, and we want our customers to know our door is always open for feedback – you don’t have to wait for a survey. Call 866.866.2477 or email us anytime at We value your input and would appreciate hearing from you as we continue moving forward to deliver the top-notch service you deserve. 

For more about 24/7 Express Logistics, visit, or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @247ExpressLogistics.

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