4 Benefits of Using 24/7 Express Logistics Medical Delivery Service

We understand getting your medical deliveries from point A to point B is crucial. For more than 20 years we’ve been safely and successfully partnering with labs and medical facilities across the region. From servicing major labs and blood centers to hospital and health systems, our experienced healthcare supply chain and medical courier specialists and drivers are experts in receiving and delivering time-sensitive laboratory specimens, bio materials, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, veterinary supplies, data and medical equipment. We are acutely aware of the life-saving impact on-time delivery can mean in the healthcare industry.

24/7 Express Logistics requires all our delivery drivers to pass a background check, are fully insured and HIPPA compliant. Our drivers are also smoke-free and wear photo-IDs and badges, so our clients can rest assured knowing that their stat medical deliveries are being handled with extreme care and professionalism. And with our Urgent Direct Service, Same-Day Service or Dedicated/Exclusive Use, we make the final mile count. You can be confident in knowing your time-sensitive bio materials, medical supplies, equipment or documents will arrive with professional, on-time service.


But it doesn’t stop there!

Here are 4 reasons why our clients benefit from using a locally owned and operated stat medical delivery service:


1.) Convenient, Customized Delivery Options

With so many different courier delivery options for our clients, including direct-to-patient and home medical delivery to clinical trial logistics and critical stat medical transport, our clients can pick the best delivery solution that works for their business. Clients can also schedule a routine delivery and pickup or a one-off, time-sensitive delivery for our Express Delivery service.

2.) Excellent Customer Service

Our team of dedicated professional drivers have experience handling delicate bio materials and sensitive medical documents, supplies and equipment. All our drivers also have their Medical Transport Certification, so you can rest easy that your sensitive medical materials are being handled with professional care. We are a locally owned and operated Midwest company with locations in Kansas City and St. Louis, and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to take care of our customers.

3.) Tech-Driven Technology

At 24/7 Express Logistics, we make the final mile count with our easy-to-use mobile app. Our clients receive real-time communication, alerts and tracking with specialized information and instructions for each delivery. Our drivers use computer-assisted dispatching and routes are assisted by GPS and real time traffic conditions.

4.) Reliable Reporting and Digital Invoicing 

Our secure, online portal allows our clients to have instant order confirmation, viewable delivery history, customized invoicing and printable BOL for every delivery. 24/7’s Customized Invoicing is specialized for your unique business needs. Clients can sort and subtotal by the purchase order information you designate.


Visit https://247expresslogistics.com/expedited-courier for more information on our medical delivery services. Call 866-866-2477 or email sales@247expresslogistics.com for information and a custom quote today!

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