Midwest Logistics Company Sets the Bar for Heartland Hustle

24/7 Express Logistics keeps business moving with strategic Kansas City and St. Louis hubs.

We sometimes hear the term “flyover country” to describe our section of the nation here in the Midwest. But anyone with a good understanding of United States transportation and economic systems knows the value of the Midwest as a critical anchor point for keeping these systems running efficiently. In response to growing demand in the area, 24/7 Express Logistics launched 2001 with its Kansas City location, later opening a second hub in St. Louis.

By leveraging these strategic Midwest locations – and a genuine commitment to delivering the best customer service possible – 24/7 Express Logistics has become the preferred partner for diverse small businesses to Fortune 500 industry leaders across the nation. Whether the customer’s cargo is on an international journey for distribution or simply needs courier service to make its way across town, 24/7 Express Logistics has earned a reputation for delivering on time with exceptional care through the final mile.

Having transport hubs in Kansas City and St. Louis gives 24/7 Express Logistics strategic location advantages. Both cities are located along I-70, one of the nation’s major east-west interstates with access to other primary highway systems, directly connecting them with other large cities and hubs. Additionally, Kansas City and St. Louis are both home to international and regional airports, major railways and waterway transportation along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. With their ability to keep transport – and business – moving, 24/7 Express Logistics has grown to become one of the largest courier and distribution transportation companies in the Midwest. In addition to a diverse fleet and transport operations, they also operate over 200,000 square feet of warehouse space in Kansas City and St. Louis.

Many may simply “fly over” the heartland without knowing just how critical the transportation system here in the Midwest is to their daily lives and the goods they consume. Third-party logistics providers like 24/7 Express Logistics and their dedicated drivers and staff are the heartbeat of our nation’s commerce. They keep business moving forward.

Visit https://247expresslogistics.com/ to learn more about 24/7 Express Logistics. Call 866-866-2477 or email sales@247expresslogistics.com for more information or to request a quote.

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