Supply Chain Solutions to Keep Business Moving Forward

From Expedited Courier to Freight Distribution to Brokerage, 24/7 Express Logistics Delivers

Since 24/7 Express Logistics launched in 2001, they have seen many changes in the industry. And they have rolled with them all.

Of course, logistics technology and the advent of e-commerce over the last 20 years have revolutionized delivery processes in the cargo transportation industry. 24/7 Express Logistics has adapted and innovated along the way to stay ahead of the game. This, along with having strategic locations in Kansas City and St. Louis right in the middle of the country’s transportation heartland, and responding to customer needs to quickly deliver custom logistics solutions have been big components to their ability to stay competitive as a logistics industry service provider.

In many ways, it is what has not changed that has been a force behind 24/7 Express Logistics becoming one of the largest courier and distribution companies in the Midwest. From day one, the founders of 24/7 Express Logistics built their company on the principle of delivering superior service with every customer interaction. This commitment has remained steadfast as a core value.

This is also the value that has driven 24/7 Express Logistics to offer a range of custom services that help their customers keep business moving forward, including Expedited Courier and Expedited Freight to Short Haul Truckload, Pool Distribution, Warehousing and Inventory Management to Truckload Carrier Brokerage Services, and much more. This dedication to customer service is what gives 24/7 Express Logistics the edge, making them the preferred logistics provider for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies across the region.

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