Six Things Drivers Should Consider When Applying for Driving Jobs

Did you know the truck driving industry is worth almost $900 billion? Making it one of the most lucrative industries to be a part of. 

For reference, the restaurant industry is worth around $73 billion, and the marketing industry is worth about $450 billion. 

That says a lot about how crucial driving jobs are in America!

Aside from how profitable the trucking industry is, there are plenty of other benefits to being a truck driver. There are opportunities for career growth, an open market that so you can jump right in, and it’s a job that comes with challenges. And who doesn’t like a challenge?

If you want to get one of the many driving jobs that are on the market, you may want to know a few more things before you apply for the job.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about driving jobs and the industry as a whole to know what to expect!

1. Know the Benefits

There are a lot of companies in the trucking industry that offer a wide array of benefits. This is something that you should ensure you look into before applying for driving jobs.

If you want a full-time gig, do not settle for a driver job that is part-time! There are so many options out there that have many benefits for you.

Additionally, you may want to look further into certain benefits. One company may give you a 401(k) while another doesn’t. One may provide health benefits, and another one won’t. It is up to you to choose the best option for your future and your health. 

Knowing this information before you choose a company can truly make a difference in your experience on the job!

2. Understand Career Growth Trajectories

There are so many opportunities to grow your career in the driving job industry! You can grow as a driver and even take on leadership roles in a 3PL company. 

When considering job opportunities, be sure to ask about possible ways to advance your career within the organization. Even if you don’t want to consider other types of jobs right now, it’s important to know what your options are for the future. 

3. Consider the Community and Team

Company culture is important. So, when you’re applying for driving jobs, you should take a moment to think about whether you’ll get along with your co-workers and management. 

While it may seem like driving is a solo job, that’s not true. You have to be able to rely on the individuals you work with, especially the dispatch team, management, and warehouse workers.

When applying for jobs, it is a great idea to ask to meet some team members. Getting along with them can make a huge difference in your work life.

4. Expect a Challenge

When you first started looking into driving jobs, you may have thought that being a trucker only involved driving. That’s not necessarily true! There are many moving pieces to the job and a lot of hats that you may have to wear every single day.

You are going to face challenges every week and sometimes daily. Your success in the industry depends on your ability to face those challenges head-on.

Not only do you have to be an expert driver to have a driver job, but you also need to know how to fill the shoes of other roles as well.

What exactly does this mean for you?

You are going to be driving on the road some days. On other days, you may be doing deliveries. In these moments, you have to be able to pull out your customer service hat. You represent the company, so it is vital that you demonstrate the right values and service to customers.

If you know you are able to wear multiple hats and love a challenge, you will be ready to be a driver in the industry.

5. You Are an Essential Worker

Your job as a driver is essential. The pandemic made that clear.

If you are going into this industry to start a career or continue one you already have, you need to go into it with a sense of purpose.

Every single day you are going to have to meet the expectations of others from the minute you wake up. Missing days from work doesn’t only affect you; it affects people across the country!

With so many people and industries relying on you, your purpose is to keep moving America forward.

If you love feeling like you have a sense of purpose and a mission for the job, this is a great industry to be in.

6. There Will Be Job Security

Sticking to the driving industry will give you more job security than in many other industries. Since there is a shortage of truck drivers, being a professional driver keeps you in high demand in the industry.

In a time when the economy and job market are slightly unknown, there is something to be said about joining an industry that keeps you secure.

Benefits of Working Driving Jobs for 24/7 Express Logistics

If you are ready to start working in the driving industry after reading this guide and knowing what to expect, you should check out 24/7 Express Logistics. The benefits that we include for our company drivers are as follows:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 401K retirement plan with a 4% company match
  • Flexible schedule
  • Safety bonus
  • Great leadership and training
  • Full-time and consistent work
  • Not many other driving jobs will offer this wide array of benefits to you!

If you are ready for a career that grows with you, you need to contact us! We are here to answer any questions that you may have about driving jobs we have and how we can help.

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