5 Reasons Drivers Should Work at 24/7 Express Logistics

As a leading logistics company in the Midwest, we know there are lots of opportunities for work as a truck driver or courier in our area. So you may be wondering, why should I choose to work for 24/7 Express Logistics?

Great question!

We know that truck drivers keep our country running. After all, 72% of goods shipped in the United States are transported by trucks. If truckers stopped driving, people would not receive food or the essential products they need to survive.

That’s why we invest so much in our employees and treat everyone as family, giving them the respect, compensation, and benefits they deserve.

If you’re a truck driver in Kansas City or St. Louis, currently between jobs, or open to moving to a different company, continue reading. You’ll learn five key reasons why you should apply to work for our company!

Five Reasons Divers Should Apply for Work at 24/7 Express Logistics

1. Competitive Pay
At 24/7 Express Logistics, we value our truck drivers and appreciate their contribution to the overall success of our company.
But we don’t merely acknowledge the hard work our truck drivers put into meeting customers’ needs. We go a step further by putting our money where our mouth is in the form of generous salary packages. You can be sure that your salary will be competitive compared to what other trucking companies pay their staff.

If you meet Class A, Class B, Non-CDL, or courier driver requirements and have two years of experience, feel free to check our job availability. And fill out an online job application for immediate consideration by our HR department.

2. Comprehensive Benefits
Another reason to consider driving for 24/7 Express Logistics is our comprehensive benefits package.

Earning a competitive salary is one thing. But you’ll also want a complete benefits package demonstrating that your employer values you as a person.

You’ll become eligible for our benefits program when you’re hired and successfully complete your waiting period. It includes the following:

  • Health
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Company-paid life/accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Safety bonuses
  • Up to 4% company match on 401k
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term visibility
  • Pet insurance
  • Holiday pay

So, you can see for yourself that our benefits package is comprehensive. We’re a family-owned business with deep ties in the community. Our goal is to treat our truck drivers like we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed.

It pays to check out our career page to see our available truck driver opportunities and learn how you can become part of our team.

3. Flexible Schedule
Are you looking for truck driving opportunities that will afford you the privilege of going home to your family every day?

At 24/7 Express Logistics, we value family. Do you desire a flexible schedule that won’t take you away from your family for days on end?

If so, then we’re the right trucking company for you. You’ll appreciate the opportunity to be home every night.

One of the drawbacks of working at some trucking companies is that your schedule will be pretty much etched in stone. You might have to travel out of state, which could mean spending days or weeks away from your loved ones.

If you value the work-life balance that allows you to eat dinner at the kitchen table with your family, you’ll love working for us at 24/7 Express Logistics.

4. Quarterly Safety Bonus
You’ll qualify for our quarterly safety bonus when you work as a truck driver or courier for 24/7 Express Logistics. We prioritize safety among our truck drivers and recognize drivers who maintain a track record of safe driving practices.

We don’t take our drivers for granted. Providing financial incentives acknowledges not only the importance of safety but also the commitment of our truck drivers. It’s also an excellent way to retain our best truck drivers.

By offering quarterly bonuses, we can continue rewarding truck drivers who take pride in their job by prioritizing safety on the road. Explore truck driving opportunities at 24/7 Express Logistics.

5. Caring Leadership
Our corporate culture prioritizes not only customers but also employees.

Under their leadership, the company has grown to be a leader in transportation, distribution, and logistics in the Midwest. And they’ve done it while maintaining a close-knit, family-friendly team culture.

We respect and appreciate our truck drivers, and our goal is to create an environment where they are given everything they need to be successful and accomplish their objectives.

Do you want to work at a company that respects you as a driver and person? Are you interested in finding an employer that communicates well so that nothing is lost in translation?

Get in touch to find out about the types of truck driving jobs we have available. You’ll join a high-performance team with career advancement opportunities and excellent earning potential.

Class A Driver Kansas City Wanted

Are you a Class A, Class B, Non-CDL, or courier driver in Kansas City? If you’re looking for a truck driving job and want to work for a company that respects and values you, contact us at 24/7 Express Logistics.

We’re looking to add more drivers to our team. If you think you’d be a good fit for one of our career opportunities, reach out. We would love to speak with you!

If you have questions about our company or job opportunities, contact us.

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