Roadblocks: Dedicated Logistics Support

The 24/7 Express Logistics “Roadblocks” series focuses on specific transportation and logistics challenges from real customers, and their collaborations with the 24/7 Express Logistics team to build customized strategies and keep their business moving forward.

The Resources Roadblock:

Olé Mexican Foods was facing a challenge with regular distribution of pallets to various locations across their market area. They needed a reliable solution to help support their internal resources and maintain a consistent, cost-effective flow of product.

The 24/7 Express Logistics Solution:

Upon learning more about Olé Mexican Foods’ goals, objectives and existing resources, the 24/7 Express Logistics team put together a customized Dedicated Services and LTL solution. By leveraging 24/7’s resources, Olé Mexican Foods was able to quickly put in place a regular, reliable schedule to effectively manage their supply chain.   

How it’s Going:

After implementing 24/7 Express Logistics Dedicated Services, Olé Mexican Foods noted operations were significantly smoother and more consistent – and revenue increased as well! “We worked with [24/7] and knew they could handle special situations. They make the process simple. They are friendly and accommodating,” states Olé Mexican Foods’ Division Manager.

To learn more about how 24/7 Express Logistics pool distribution services and how we can help you overcome roadblocks in your supply chain, email or call 866.866.2477.

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