Roadblocks: Finding the Right Pool Provider

The 24/7 Express Logistics “Roadblocks” series focuses on specific transportation and logistics challenges from real customers, and how they collaborated with the 24/7 Express Logistics team to build customized strategies and keep their business moving forward.

The Quality Pool Provider Roadblock:

Right Freight Solutions, a fellow 3PL, was seeking a reliable pool provider to meet the needs of their customers for large-volume delivery of time-sensitive, seasonal freight across the Midwest. A partner who has solid coverage, is reliable, and has the experience and know-how to effectively manage pool distribution with multiple stops across a large region can be difficult to come by.

The 24/7 Express Logistics Solution:

Right Freight Solutions first came to 24/7 Express Logistics based on 24/7’s reputation as a quality pool provider in the Midwest with solid coverage. Right Freight needed to react to a very seasonal product with the ability to use multiple delivery points and indoctrination points. The 24/7 Express Logistics team went to work and developed a custom solution for Right Freight, streamlining their pool distribution and solidifying the partnership. The 24/7 team was able to creatively link a large portion of the Midwestern states, along with agent support, expanding their service to become one of the larger pool providers in the Right Freight Solutions’ network.   

How it’s Going:

24/7 Express Logistics has grown to dominate their market area to the point of exclusivity in their service areas. Right Freight Solutions has this to say about their success with 24/7 Express Logistics, “The 24/7 team are creative and consistent! When presented with issues and needs, Steve and his team are good at coming up with solutions.”

To learn more about how 24/7 Express Logistics pool distribution services and how we can help you overcome roadblocks in your supply chain, email or call 866.866.2477.

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