Brick & Mortar Retail Revival

We all know online e-commerce sales have a stronghold, but brick and mortar retail stores are still very much alive. In fact, retail locations are making somewhat of a comeback with shoppers. According to a recent Consumer Behavior Report by Raydient,

• 33% of consumers surveyed indicated they prefer shopping at physical stores for the ability to view, touch, and interact with products they are considering

• 26% prefer the physical shopping experience

• 13% enjoy the immediate gratification and accessibility of in-store shopping

Retailers who offer a variety of shopping options are gaining a competitive advantage. This may include online ordering with in-store pickup, local delivery, and shipping, in addition to the in-store shopping experience. Retailers are essentially having stores double as fulfillment centers in many cases. Inventory management and quick access to items that may be out of stock are key to ensuring a good customer experience.


Having a flexible logistics partner who can support a multi-channel logistics strategy is critical to growth for retailers looking to maintain and grow their brick and mortar presence. Here at 24/7 Express Logistics, we are experiencing this firsthand with our retail customers. We offer customized strategies leveraging both freight and courier distribution from strategic Midwest hubs in St. Louis and Kansas City to provide services for retailers across the heartland of the United States.


To learn more about how to optimize your retail logistics strategy, contact our 24/7 Express Logistics team at sales@24/, call 866.866.2477 or visit

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