24/7 Express Logistics Customer Q&A with Almo Corporation

We’re fortunate at 24/7 Express Logistics to have built and maintained long-term relationships with most of our customers. Much of this can be attributed to our team’s in-depth knowledge of logistics and ability to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions. This was the case for our customer, Almo Corp, an electronics and appliance distributor based in Philadelphia, PA. They needed a reliable logistics partner in the Midwest and our team was able to step up and meet Almo’s unique needs. Read more in our Q&A with Almo’s Director of Transportation below.

What challenges, obstacles or needs were you facing that led you to seek the services/solutions provided by 24/7 Express Logistics?

Almo needed a way to reach our customers in western Missouri and Eastern Kansas more effectively (less damage, better transit time, lower cost). Our shipments are generally regional and we use 24/7 as an LTL freight partner.  

How did you and 24/7 Express Logistics work together to solve your challenges and/or improve your service?

Using 24/7’s “long haul” LTL model, we found we could deliver to our customers with less damage, and on a more predictable delivery schedule than “regular” LTL service could provide. The freight costs were in line to what we expected as well. 

What does your service from 24/7 Express Logistics impact your business overall? 

Our number one goal at Almo is to satisfy our customer’s needs. As an appliance and electronics distributor, delivery accuracy is critical. My responsibility as Director of Transportation is to assure Almo’s customers are serviced in an outstanding manner when it comes to movement and delivery of our product. It helps us greatly to know that 24/7 tendered freight will be delivered damage free, on time and for a competitive price. 24/7 has done this for Almo for many years. Their people offer great support, and the management and ownership have always been a pleasure to work with. 24/7 makes Almo look good to our customers – and that is very important to all of us. 

What are three words you would use to describe your experience working with 24/7 Express Logistics? 

Honest, reasonable, flexible. If your transportation model fits with 24/7 Express Logistics expertise – then I would say move forward with exploring a relationship. They are good people, for sure.

To learn more about how 24/7 Express Logistics can help you improve your logistics processes and optimize performance, email sales@24expresslogistics.com or call 866.866.2477.


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