Peak Season Prep: 4 Strategies for Success

The 2022 Peak Season is on our doorstep. Shippers hoped this year would bring relief and some semblance of regularity, but Covid remains an issue impacting global supply chains, in addition to the war on Ukraine and growing inflation. At 24/7 Express Logistics, we are working with customers to set expectations and prepare adequately to keep business moving forward throughout Peak Season with these four strategies for success.

  • Keep Communications Flowing

Open communication with your logistics providers is always important. It is especially critical during peak times. Be clear about your freight and courier needs with as much notice as possible. This approach will help ensure proper capacity plans and scheduling is in place to avoid disruptions.

  • Bulk Up on Lead Time

Make transportation arrangements for upcoming purchase orders to avoid capacity issues and costly last-minute delivery costs. Planning ahead and building in lead time can provide advantages with better rates, improved logistics efficiency, more reliable delivery times and better customer service overall.

  • Keep Options Open

With a solid plan in place, you will be better able to predict production and shipment activity during the end-of-the-year Peak Season. Having a better idea of what lies ahead affords you the opportunity to consider other transportation options for delivery and/or a combination of on-demand or scheduled freight and courier services when it makes sense for your business.

  • Choose Partners Wisely

Even with increasing inflation, shippers and carriers are still experiencing record levels with little decline in demand. When selecting your logistics providers, you should partner with an experienced logistics operation that is knowledgeable on the complexities and nuances of retail shipping during Peak Season. Working with a retail-focused carrier that has the flexibility and capacity to meet your unique needs will eliminate a lot of headache for your business – and your customers.

To learn more about 24/7 Express Logistics and how we can help you plan for a successful Peak Season, call 866-866-2477 or email today.

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