3PLs Give Vaccine Distribution a Shot

The transportation and logistics industry is facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. Many have referred to this as the largest and most vital product rollout of all time. 

With strict temperature control and security measures, coupled with the urgency and sheer demand to deliver the vaccine to billions of people around the globe, shipping complexity is at levels never before seen in the industry. The role of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) like 24/7 Express Logistics has always been vital in the national and international medical supply chain. Now, more than ever, 3PLs with the right resources are proving to be a lynchpin in the success of vaccine distribution.

Stat delivery of critical medical supplies and pharmaceuticals is nothing new for 3PLs. These logistics companies are the connectors, ensuring pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and healthcare providers can focus on their life-saving efforts and not logistics planning. The big difference with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is the volume combined with the low-temperature requirements of some vaccine manufacturers. 

Fortunately, 3PLs like 24/7 Express Logistics are accustomed to being creative and nimble to respond with fast, efficient, custom solutions. “Our medical courier and medical freight customers often have specific requirements and need an array of highly specialized solutions to meet the delivery demands for their end users and patients,” states Steve Johns, VP of Business Development and Sales for 24/7 Express Logistics. “While 24/7 has not been contracted in this particular vaccine distribution effort, as a 3PL, we are presented with a new set of logistics challenges from customers every day, and we’ve been rising to those challenges for 20 years. It’s all part of our steadfast commitment to customer service.”

Freight and courier providers will shoulder a lot of the responsibility for ensuring the vaccine is delivered safely to the masses. Reliable logistics providers are essential. 

To learn more about the role of 3PLs in the medical and pharmaceutical supply chain and how we can develop custom solutions for your company, email us at sales@24/7expresslogistics or call 866.866.2477.

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