Retail Logistics: The Right Partners are Key to Solving Final Mile Challenges & Boosting Your Bottom Line

Logistics managers in the retail industry navigate many challenges to keep costs down while striving to maintain or improve services levels, especially for the final mile. Some factors, such as the economy, fuel costs, governmental regulations and environmental issues are beyond their control as individual decision makers for their organization. Where they do have leverage to make a big impact is by forging strong relationships with logistics partners who work to understand their needs and deliver custom solutions. 


Recently, 24/7 Express Logistics was able to help Cato Corporation, a billion-dollar women’s fashion retailer solve a critical logistics issue they were facing in the St. Louis market. Historically, the retailer experienced issues getting reliable coverage for timely final-mile delivery to their stores in the region. The Director of Transportation spoke to his best provider seeking a solution and they referred him to 24/7 Express Logistics. 


“I was looking for rapport, quality and price,” stated the Director of Transportation. “Good service to my stores is the most important.” 24/7 Express Logistics followed their process of transparently communicating with the retailer to understand their objectives, define expectations and deliver solutions customized for the retailer company’s needs in that market.


Those issues with stores not being serviced in a timely and efficient manner? “All that changed with 24/7,” stated Cato’s Director of Transportation. With the solutions provided by 24/7 Express Logistics, the retailer has seen improvements with “Delivery on time and at the right stores with a reduction of claims and reduction in cost of labor,” which has significantly impacted their bottom-line results for this market. The director is so pleased with the outcome he went on to say, “If you want a company that knows how to handle freight, is courteous with their customers and caring about partnership, 24/7 Express Logistics is a sure bet.”


Building relationships with the right partners can help retail industry logistics managers achieve their goals. Working with a third-party logistics provider who understands your market and can be flexible to meet your unique transportation needs is critical. 


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