The Nuts and Bolts of Automotive Industry Logistics

We all know the automotive industry is a major pillar of the US and global economies. There are billions of moving parts, and when it comes to logistics, that is a literal statement. Finding ways to improve efficiency, profitability and environmental impact are constants among decision-makers within automotive parts manufacturing and distribution segments. As a regional provider with strategic Midwest locations in Kansas City and St. Louis, 24/7 Express Logistics is helping auto parts suppliers, OEMs, distributors, and retailers optimize their bottom-line results.

Globally, the automotive industry supply chain relies on diverse sourcing and distribution strategies. Trends indicate a shift from using intercontinental to more localized supply resources as a means of improving efficiency. This is where having an experienced, regional supply chain and logistics partner with proven expertise, such as 24/7 Express Logistics, can make all the difference.

Industry leaders like General Motors, Ford and Toyota are leading the way with new practices for cutting supply chain costs and waste. General Motors spearheaded efforts to create a supplier code of conduct and establish industry-wide best practices for sustainable supply chains, while implementing an advanced technology roadmap for reaching new levels of efficiency. Toyota and Ford Motor Company are both in the process of developing and or launching new, sustainable packaging and distribution systems to reduce waste materials and reuse containers for parts importing and exporting.

Providers like 24/7 Express Logistics, who are locally owned and operated regionally, can flex and provide solutions that align with these new practices and processes. By offering custom courier and freight delivery services, 24/7 Express Logistics is proving to be a reliable single-source regional transportation and logistics partner for the automotive industry.

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