24/7 Express Logistics Customer Q&A with ARJ Infusion

Delivering excellent customer service has been the core of our business philosophy since we began 24/7 Express Logistics in 2001. We are dedicated to learning our customers’ specific needs and finding cost-effective solutions to meet their unique goals. Medical and healthcare logistics can present a specific set of challenges. Fortunately, 24/7 Express Logistics has the expertise, certifications and experience to streamline medical courier and freight deliveries for our customers. Recently we checked in with our customer, ARJ Infusion about their service:

Q: What challenges, obstacles or needs were you facing that led you to seek the services/solutions provided by 24/7 Express Logistics?

A: Timely courier pickups and deliveries. Cost per delivery. 


Q: What were the primary drivers leading to your choice of 24/7 Express Logistics?

A: Cost and great relationship with sales rep. They understood what the needs were for our patients.


Q: How has 24/7 Express Logistics helped you improve your service?

A: We are a specialty pharmacy and home care.  We need deliveries made quickly, in a timely manner. [24/7 helped us accomplish this.]


Q: What are three words you would use to describe your experience working with 24/7 Express Logistics?

A: Professional, Dependable, Outstanding.  I would recommend 24/7 Express Logistics to anyone in healthcare.


To learn more about how 24/7 Express Logistics can help you improve your logistics processes and optimize performance, email sales@24expresslogistics.com or call 866.866.2477.

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