Moving America Forward: Trucker Appreciation Week

Take a look around you. Nearly every product and resource you use on a daily basis is made possible because a truck driver delivered the goods. Truckers truly keep America moving forward. Trucker Appreciation Week, September 12-18, 2021 is a time to stop and thank the truck drivers in your life for the service they provide.

Professional truck drivers deserve respect for their hard work and commitment to one of the most demanding and important jobs in our nation. The over 3.5 million professional drivers across the United States are tasked with delivering goods on time, handling them with care and staying safe on the road.

Over the past 18 months, truck drivers have had increased pressures during the COVID-19 pandemic. As essential workers, drivers have been faced with manufacturing and supply chain delays, shutdowns and ever-changing safety protocols. Now, more than ever, we owe truckers a debt of gratitude.

24/7 Express Logistics is fortunate to have a great team of drivers who keep business moving forward for our customers. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our team members, but are giving a special shoutout to our drivers in celebration of Trucker Appreciation Week. Join us and thank a trucker today!

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