State of Logistics: A Permanent Peak Season?

Typically this time of year in the logistics industry, we are gearing up for fall and the peak shipping season. At 24/7 Express Logistics, we’ve been experiencing a “peak season” of sorts for the past year and half. Demand remains high and does not appear to be slowing anytime soon. It’s been anything but a typical year across the industry.

In a recent Logistics Management readership survey of over 100 freight transportation, logistics, and supply chain stakeholders, results indicated a strong sentiment the peak season in 2021 will be more active than it was in 2020, with 79% of respondents indicating it will be more active, 16% feel it will be similar to 2020, and just 5% expect it to be less active.

Demand has remained steady – and growing – largely in part to changes in consumer behaviors in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ecommerce and online ordering pushed supply chain, logistics and delivery networks to unprecedented levels. Even with restrictions lifting and society getting back to business, ecommerce orders remain at an all-time high. 

With higher import levels, growth in new orders, escalating demand, and an improving economic outlook, we’re looking ahead to a peak season like never before. Fortunately, as a locally owned and operated company who has shifted through major industry ups and downs over the past 20 years, 24/7 Express Logistics is well positioned to help our customers meet their transport, logistics and delivery objectives. 

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