24/7 Express Logistics Customer Q&A with Estes Final Mile

Throughout our 20 years of experience in the industry, 24/7 Express Logistics has built strong, long-term relationships with our customers. Some of those customers happen to be other 3PLs. We’re extremely proud to have gained the trust of our fellow logistics providers, and the confidence they take in our services. Recently we sat down with our customer and colleague, The CFO of Estes Final Mile, John Paiva to review services and ensure their continued satisfaction, and here are his responses:

  1. What challenges, obstacles or needs were you facing that led you to seek the services/solutions provided by 24/7 Express Logistics?

Finding a reliable and customer-focused delivery partner in the Kansas City region to help us with our Residential and Final Mile Customer deliveries.

  1. Describe your selection process and what were the primary drivers leading to your choice of 24/7 Express Logistics?

My relationship with Steve Johns (24/7 Express Logistics, VP of Sales) and 24/7 over the years. We have worked together on many projects over a span of 10+ years with great success.

  1. How was the process working with 24/7 Express Logistics to solve your challenges and/or improve your service?

It is built on trust. We have forged that trust over many years. I trust 24/7 to follow through and provide excellent service to my customers at a fair price. 24/7 trusts that I will grow the business with them, pay them on time and set expectations that are reasonable and achievable.

  1. What business process/function does your service from 24/7 Express Logistics enhance? 

24/7 has helped my business grow, create brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. By having a partner who listens and follows through, we create an environment of mutual success.

  1. In one statement, how would you describe your experience working with 24/7 Express Logistics?

Customer-focused delivery partner. 

We appreciate John and his whole team at Estes Final Mile. Here’s to a long road of success ahead!  To learn more about how 24/7 Express Logistics can help you improve your logistics processes and optimize performance, email sales@24expresslogistics.com or call 866.866.2477. 


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