Four Ways Expedited Courier Solutions Drive Business Success

Whether locally, regionally, nationwide or internationally, the demand for reliable courier services is stronger than ever. Companies large and small rely on couriers to keep business moving forward. At 24/7 Express Logistics, our expedited courier services division has grown exponentially over the past 20 years from our hubs in Kansas City and St. Louis. The growth in demand is driven in large part by there four factors:

  • Flexibility & Versatility

Many businesses have delivery needs that expand beyond standard packages. From stat medical and pharmaceutical to specialized and fragile items, reliable courier service providers can handle diverse delivery needs. Not only can professional couriers, like 24/7 Express Logistics, respond to custom delivery requests, they will get it there on time and handled with professional care. 

  • 24/7 Delivery Schedules

Business today runs around the clock. Companies need responsive and reliable courier services that can flex to meet “off hours” delivery needs. Professional courier services have the resources and scheduling capabilities to keep business running smoothly.

  • Fleet Management

Larger courier providers, such as 24/7 Express Logistics, can offer Dedicated Fleet Management to scale with your business courier delivery needs. Dedicated Fleet Management reduces your need to manage an in-house fleet and the time and expense that comes with managing fleet operations.

  • Streamlined Logistics

The business of logistics has transformed significantly over recent years. Technology, regulatory changes, fleet and driver resource management have all had a significant impact. By partnering with a professional courier services provider, businesses can free up their time, improve productivity and optimize profitability, all while knowing their logistics operations are being managed efficiently.

Discover how partnering with a provider for scheduled courier services, on-demand hotshot, and/or dedicated fleet management may benefit your company. Contact our team at 24/7 Express Logistics at or call 866.866.2477 today.

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