Is Dedicated Fleet Management Right for Your Business?

Four Factors to Consider in Logistics Planning

When it comes to logistics, every company has a unique set of needs driven by its business model, offering, customer base, market geography, and vision for growth. At 24/7 Express Logistics, we specialize in developing custom distribution solutions to help our customers meet their goals. Often, for companies who are on a growth track while streamlining operations, this can mean integration of dedicated fleet management services.

What is Dedicated Fleet Service?

Dedicated fleet service is when a company contracts for the use of driver resources and fleet assets owned by a carrier company, such as 24/7 Express Logistics to carry out their shipping operations. This service is also referred to as dedicated fleet management or exclusive use service.

Is Dedicated Fleet Service Right for Your Business? Four Factors to Consider.

As in every business decision, weighing the risks and benefits is important. Here are four factors to consider in your logistics planning:

  1. COST

While having your own private fleet can have advantages, the costs of maintenance, insurance, fuel, and purchase of new vehicles can be a big drain on profitability. On top of that, there are the expenses associated with hiring and retaining reliable fleet drivers, as well as regulatory compliance.


It can often take some time to build a reliable private fleet operation. When you hire a company like 24/7 Express Logistics for dedicated fleet management, you gain immediate access to a fully operational fleet and the specialty equipment and scheduling solutions necessary to meet today’s distribution demands.


By taking advantage of dedicated fleet services, you free up internal resources and gain more time to focus on growing your business. Dedicated fleet managers like 24/7 Express Logistics maintain the responsibility and liability for managing drivers, equipment and regulatory compliance while ensuring your distribution operations run smoothly.


Using dedicated fleet management services means your business can respond on the fly with the ebb and flow of demand. Dedicated fleet service providers have a variety of fleet resources at the ready-to-shift as your company’s needs change. Companies who own a private fleet may be faced with big-ticket asset purchases – or worse, an asset graveyard – when dealing with market ups and downs. 24/7 Express Logistics is accustomed to adapting to meet customer needs.

Learn more about the options for outsourcing your freight and//or daily courier service needs using 24/7 Express Logistics’ Dedicated Fleet Management Program. Contact at or call 866.866.2477 for your custom quote.

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