Dedicated Trucking

24/7 Express Logistics offers Dedicated Services to help with two common issues facing companies today.

On-Demand Dedicated Driver/Truck

The first most common need is for 24/7 Express Logistics to “Dedicate” a truck & driver (or could be driver or truck only) to cover a customer’s spike in demand or simply cover for their drivers vacation time and any other days that their company driver is unable to come to work. This is more referred to as “On-Demand Dedicated Services” where notice could be very short and need may be for a day to a month or longer and usually requires a small amount of vehicles at any one time.

Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC) Program

The second most common requested service are those companies that are wanting to eliminate the risk of owning and managing their own private fleet(s) while retaining the benefits of an outsourced dedicated fleet that acts and looks like their fleet. This is one of the hottest trends in transportation in recent years and has only increased since the recession as more and more companies are looking at their businesses and focusing on their core competency and outsourcing all other functions to be competitive in today’s business climate.

If your needs are more seasonal to permanent, 24/7 Express Logistics offers a full service solution that is custom designed to meet the most complex transportation challenges while providing the same benefits of a private fleet and more.

Companies in today’s challenging times are increasingly under pressure to reduce their supply chain costs yet manage their private fleets efficiently and Dedicated Services can many times be that “game changer.” The benefits are many and we are betting that this service only becomes more popular over time. For those with a large transportation spend this can be the single best way to retain control but keep expenses down as your company grows.

Benefits of Outsourced Dedicated Transportation Services:
  • Guaranteed capacity regardless of demand
  • Reduces Your Risk
  • Brand Awareness stays intact
  • Professional Drivers & Dedicated Staff
  • Eliminate regulation, liability, training, CSA and safety issues
  • Drastically reduce capital requirements
  • Allow you to focus more of your time on growing and improving your business!

If you are considering a conversion from private fleet to outsourced transportation or simply curious and interested in how it can impact your business, please see our Whitepaper on Dedicated vs. Private Fleet. If you would like more information, please contact our sales department for more information: