Partial Truckload (Volume LTL)

24/7 Express Logistics provides consolidation of partial truckloads or volume LTL in Southern California, Stockton (Bay area), CA and Kansas City, MO (500 mile radius). 24/7 Express uses all company owned equipment and company drivers. Our specialized Expedited long-haul LTL network provides our customers with competitive pricing, competitive transit times, expanding capacity and load-to-ride Direct LTL on 24/7 Express trailers. One call makes it happen.

Partial truckload is a valuable service alternative for your LTL and can offer substantial savings over a truckload when a full truck is not needed. Partial truckloads tend to be delivered to your customer off the truck vs. the traditional LTL model, where freight tends to be frequently loaded and off-loaded at LTL terminals.

  • Call us before shipping 8,000lbs. and/or 6 pallets or more via a LTL common carrier
  • Great solution for your appointment or specific delivery window
  • Lower risk of damage to freight than traditional LTL
  • Typically lower cost than LTL or Truckload
  • Less handling of your important freight (eliminates terminal handling)
  • Transit times are generally faster than LTL (door-to-door)
  • No need for confusing pricing schemes