24/7 Express Logistics provides Ramp-to-Ramp or Door-to-Door intermodal service via direct contracts with all top tier railroads. All equipment moves on 24/7 Express Logistics trailers (TOFC) with an emphasis on Expedited or Premium rail service. We currently do not provide outbound container service.

24/7 Express relies on late model 53ft. trailers for all line-haul or long haul shipping in addition to a wide array of trucks in the metro areas and city level. To ensure daily capacity on our major lanes and to address the long-term driver shortage issue, 24/7 Express has direct relationships and contracts with all the top tier railroads. We utilize Expedited and Premium rail systems to handle spikes in volume on a day-to-day basis and add capacity in a very tight driver market.

All shipments sent via rail for the line-haul portion stay on 24/7 Express trailers at all times (TOFC) with the majority being sent via Expedited or Premium rail service to ensure expected transit times.

We have a strong dedicated driver force due in part to the ability to keep the majority of our driver’s home every night or at the least, home every weekend. Our metro drivers will make pickups and deliveries, tender to the expedited rail and metro drivers at the destination market will recover immediately upon arrival and deliver it direct to the destination.

This method is not necessarily much cheaper than over the road drivers (OTR) due to the higher cost of city drivers but it accomplishes many things:

  • Reduces our carbon footprint on the line-haul portion
  • Stronger record of on-time performance vs. OTR (LA to KC as an example is 99.7% on-time vs. 95.3% for our OTR drivers)
  • Adds capacity when you need it and where you need it. Our ability to move equipment quickly from market-to-market is a great competitive advantage
  • Adds capacity during strong volume spikes and seasonally strong periods
  • We believe this approach provides our customers with amazing consistency while preserving the best driver force in the business. We take extremely good care of our drivers so that they will be there for you when you need them and we take pride in offering our drivers and owner-operators a better culture and lifestyle.